New Site! Ready – Set – Go!

Author: Leszek Pietrzkiewicz (leszek.pietrzkiewicz) | August 11th, 2015

We moved to the brand new website. As usaul good stuff feeding, valuable tips and usefull tricks. Don’t miss a thing and Follow us!

How To Outsource Scrum Projects – free ebook


Why outsource at all, why Scrum and how to find a perfect candidate to do the job?

Why and when you should create dedicated software and why Symfony2 fits the bill?

Author: Wojtek Sznapka (wojciech.sznapka) | February 11th, 2014

Open source products There are plenty read-made Open Source solutions, which solve variety of problems. We have e-commerce products (Magento, Presta Shop), CMSes (Drupa, WordPress) and CRMS, ERPS and DMS ready to go. Of course you can also find good comunity builders solutions like PHP BB. In most of above, you don’t need programming skills […]

CentOS – bash: __git_ps1: command not found

Author: Mateusz Rosiek (mateusz.rosiek) | February 10th, 2014

Hi. When I was working on a project for my company, I found myself wanting to mimic live environment. In this case I used Vagrant. I made a development environment using PHP5.3 and latest CentOS distribution. Other than that I wanted to add my .bashrc file, so that I have my PS1 configuration for showing […]

Tremendously fast Magento

Author: Piotr Pasich (piotr.pasich) | January 17th, 2014

Magento is one of the most popular PHP free e-commerce engines available on the market. It’s designed to handle and manage almost all of the common issues and features purposed for online shops, and just because of that the Magento became a really huge, heavy and slow tool. Of course, its authors decided to create […]

Programmer’s everyday life – challenges

Author: Piotr Pasich (piotr.pasich) | December 5th, 2013

It seemed to be just another ordinary day at work but it wasn’t. Yesterday, our team faced two challenging problems, which had blocked programmers’ work in two projects for a few hours. Now we are aware of the fact that the troubles could be simply avoided. That’s why I would like to share our experience […]

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